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Revuze is the first company to develop self-training AI to help brands understand how consumers experience their products and services – delivering huge cost and time-to-market benefits.

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Revuze is entirely automated so companies can quickly know what’s being said about their brand, products and competitors and use that to change consumer sentiment.

Brand Intelligence. This encompasses social media monitoring, CRM, predictive and text analytics, and many other categories.

The opportunity in the brand intelligence category is massive.  By the year 2019, growth in areas including text analytics, predictive analytics, social media analytics and CRM analytics is expected to reach more than $20 billion.  In 2015, market research revenues alone were more than $19 billion. Yet, at the core of these markets is one fundamental problem: None of them can be used by companies to understand market and product-specific customer feedback without hiring teams of developers, data scientists or analysts. 

Revuze has achieved a massive breakthrough with our AI-powered engine that teaches itself how to understand text. That’s the basic definition of AI: self-teaching by a machine. We have eliminated the need for experts and programmers so our engine is not bounded by human limitations.

We are an AI-first company, we’re not retrofitting AI to existing solutions, we’ve built a solution from scratch that leverages the full power of AI. It’s the first AI-powered self-training technology that can be easily refined and be up and running in hours in any given domain.

Revuze has forged strong alliances with leading channel partners to reach business prospects. The company brought Revuze to market in 2016, launching with one of the world’s largest consumer product goods companies.  Throughout the year, other companies including toy and appliance manufacturers, international food and drink companies and global retailers and have taken notice.  Strategic partners include Nielsen and NPD, which are investors and provide direct access to top tier brands and retailers, reducing our sales cycles significantly.


Revuze is also creating a direct channel to major brands of both products and service-oriented companies. 

For product development, companies are able to determine what's good and bad about products across several different categories. If a customer says they don't like a product feature, the company is able to react and quickly repair what's wrong - which has a significant influence on the entire brand.  Moreover, the company is able to know which products and features have the most influence on the entire brand and focus most on improving upon those, giving them a leg up against the competition.

Understanding what humans are saying is the core of brand intelligence. By quickly knowing what consumers are saying about your company, services and products, you can better manage your brand, monetize opportunities, respond more quickly to competitive threats and stay ahead of the competition.


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