SoloMo (Social, Local and Mobile)
Cross-platform TV and radio attribution analytics
Beatgrid Media B.V. - Netherlands

The new real-time TV and radio attribution analytics. We capture real audience exposure across platforms, and match our audience data with purchase and survey data. Brands will get TV and radio attribution and ROI data, at the speed and accuracy of digital media.

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TV and radio measurement is notoriously challenging to measure, especially with today’s cross-platform media behavior. We believe TV and radio should be as measurable as digital media.

In addition to GRP’s or TRP’s, we provide TV, digital video and radio exposure data in real-time, at the respondent level, with long tail viewing and out-of-home viewing. We then match audience data with opinion data and purchase data, to provide TV and radio attribution and ROI insights with a new level of precision and speed.  

Brands and broadcasters have a strong demand to better and faster understand audience behavior across screens and drive faster advertising decisions that boost media ROI. That’s why we evolved TV and radio attribution measurement and analytics.

 Our solution addresses the need to accurately validate audience behavior across platforms and measure actual audio/video advertising effect, to optimize while the campaign is still airing. 

Originality of Concept

Beatgrid offers marketers and researchers real-time TV and radio audience based attribution analytics. Marketers and marketing researchers can now access cross-platform TV and radio ROI insights with new level of precision and speed.


Market Potential
Around $ 230 BILLION is spent on TV and radio advertising globally. Advertisers struggle to measure TV and radio ROI with today’s rapidly changing media behavior.

The platform connects the dots between:

1.    Consumer TV and radio exposure

2.    Comprehensive ad database

3.    Matching those datasets against thousands of live channels



-       We match media against panel exposure in real-time, at the end of the day or retrospectively against historic consumer exposure data.

-       There is no need to own or change the content in order to recognize it.

-       We are able to match exposure from any audible-based content.

Ease of Implementation

-       Our meter app can be used as a white label app and connected to community panel.

-       Our data API ensures straight forward integration with other dashboards.

-       Simple connection and database integration with panel providers.


We are working with enterprise customers such as Telstra, Global Radio, Google.


Our brand case-study shows:

-       Our solution retains panelist longer over time

-       Real-time analytics TV and radio to gauge media effectiveness and optimize spent

-       A breakdown of campaign result in a single Cost Per Exposure (CPE)

-       Track the path from media exposure to purchase

-       Actionable results to increase advertising ROI by 4-10%


Our broadcaster case-study shows:

-       Actual reach of TV and radio campaigns in real-time

-       Effectivness of the media based on exposures and opinions

-       The truth gap between claimed exposure and actual exposure

-       The effect of sponsoring & promotions VS regular airtime

Beatgrid Media has developed the most advanced TV and radio audience meter app to date. Consumers download our apps for a chance to win big cash prizes each month, with almost ZERO effort or phone impact.


Our Technology

Our proprietary Automatic Content Recognition and Smart Monitoring algorithms perform -All DAY- media exposure measurement through the smartphone microphone, without impacting privacy, data plans or daily battery life. This enables us to build large panel samples, at significantly lower panel recruitment costs.

TV and radio attribution

Cost per Exposure (CPE) is new additional truth currency of advertising effectiveness. Marketers and marketing researchers mix our audience exposure and attribution data with traditional ad-recall and brand equity measurement methodologies. This results in  attribution and ad effectiveness figures such as, “ad recall”, “brand perception” and “willingness to buy” per channel, per demographics, per no. of exposures and per channel.


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