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Unomer is a Mobile In-app Market Research Platform. Unomer enables brands to get insights through passive data and interactive surveys that are natively embedded in and distributed across a network of popular and relevant mobile apps. 

Development Stage: Go-to-market
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With Unomer, brands can reach a large base of mobile users, target consumers precisely based on behavioral data, and get accurate, in-the-moment insights at unmatched scale and speed using native mobile functions like videos and camera.

To reach real consumers at scale and speed without relying on recruited panels

To engage consumers natively on mobile without having them download an app

To leverage the rich behavioral data captured by smartphones and mobile apps

Originality of concept: Unomer’s uniqueness lies in its native SDK (Software Development Kit) technology that enables deep and native integrating with the app flow, with smart placements and event triggers aligned with the function and design of the app for a seamless user experience.

Market potential: Unomer comes at a time when the explosive growth in usage of smartphones and mobile apps is transforming how brands reach and engage their target consumers digitally.

Scalability: Just the way mobile ad networks transformed advertising by enabling brands to show ads within mobile apps, Unomer is disrupting market research by enabling brands to get insights from consumers via mobile apps.

Ease of implementation: A native mobile survey can be created on a web-based portal and launched in minutes and millions of consumers in Unomer’s app network can be instantly reached and targeted precisely based on behavioral and passive data.

Ipsos India used Unomer to conduct a nation-wide omnibus survey with 12 questions and received 10,000 responses in 4 days.

Asian Paints used Unomer to distribute its TV commercial and digital video and survey to 1,000 consumers on their mobile to get an accurate assessment of campaign effectiveness and recall in their TG.

By partnering with popular mobile apps, Unomer surveys are natively integrated with the app flow, with in-app incentives and rewards such as cash discounts, loyalty points, and access to premium features for a seamless user experience. Survey response data in combination with passive data from smartphones provides deeper insights into consumer behavior. 

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