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CAVII-Retail, powered by OSG ASEMAP and IBM WATSON
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In this world of digital/social/mobile media frenzy, every one of us has attention-deficit and hyperactivity issues and customer acquisition is hard and customer retention harder... How to consistently secure better and lasting customer engagement in this hyper competitive clicks-and-mortar environment?.. How to move from the just NPS to Customer Experience to Loyalty to Vocal Advocacy? 

How to improve the signal/noise ratio to predict what customers will really vote for with their wallets.  Thats Nirvana! There in lies the ROI !!

For those who are tired of the hype of IoT and yet another big data visualization tool, we bring proven deep behavioral science expertise. Welcome to CAVII !! Welcome to the world of Mass Personalization and 21st Century Customer Experience Management !

CAVII is OSG's revolutionary behavioral analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform focussed on revolutionizing Customer Experience in the Retail/Consumer Packaged Goods sectors.  CAVII-R stands for Cognitive Analytics, Value Inference and Intelligence.  The R is for Retail.  

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CAVII is OSG's revolutionary behavioral analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform focussed on revolutionizing Customer Experience in the Retail/Consumer Packaged Goods sectors.  CAVII-R stands for Cognitive Analytics, Value Inference and Intelligence.  The R is for Retail.

We secure the elusive customer engagement in 3 steps, one step at a time.
  1. Understand Customer Expectations- this is the ASEMAP based behavioral trigger analysis
  2. Designing Customer Experiences - This is the Insights and Interventional Analytics service we provide to help design the better mouse trap that is right for you
  3. Securing Customer Engagement- This is the @scale implementation stage where incremental customer engagement is the business KPI we live for and go at-risk for with our customers.
CAVII -R is about the 1% effect and monetizing the value of the effect, in real-time
What is a 1% improvement in Customer Satisfaction worth in the retail industry?
What specifically are our blind spots in understand our customer perception of our product or service?
Why do they choose us? 
Do we really know it to be more than location or promotion? 
What drives the loyal ones back to us again? How do we get them to Trust us more?
Are we investing in the right experience for our customers?
Are we winning the customer engagement battle every day?
Why not?

Originality of Concept- In an overcrowded world of digital media, big data platforms, we are focussing on behavioral science as a differentiator. This is the academically proven published ASEMAP methodology, not just new tech buzz.   All clicks and mortar retail establishments and companies are still competing vigorously with each other using apps, web sites, promotions, sales calls, locations, etc but profitable growth seems elusive. We think behavioral science is the way

 Market Potential- We think this is a $50B industry in the making and we are confident that mass personalization must happen to compete in the new digital era.

Scalability and Ease of implementaiton- We are a SaaS platform and can go live in days and weeks, not months.  The data lives in the Amazon cloud so its scalable globally. We just went from 0 to 2000 stores in less than a year. 

OSG won a RFP in Early 2015 to design the next generation Customer Experience Tracker for the Jiffy Lube ( a part of Royal Dutch Shel)world's largest auto-care franchisor across 175 owners, 2000 stores and 20 million transactions a year. We designed and implemented a ASEMAP-powered  CX survey since the business owners had tried NPS and it was not enough.  We went live with 240 stores in the Fall of 2015.  

After strong positive feedback from the pilot users, Jiffy Lube started scaling up the CAVII-R powered CET tracker and both parties agreed to expand the scope of the project to improve Store Operational Improvement  by creating a composite index that included lagging indicators like volumes and revenues and leading indicators like Mystery Shopper, Customer experience and Call Center cases. The result is a revolutionaryCAVII-R dashboard that defines business vitality for Jiffy Lube franchisees and the HQ alike. We are now in the midst of a system wide roll out across the Jiffy Lube network.
Early results indicate a 1.5% improvement in Customer Experience and an estimated $100M incremental revenue impact for Jiffy Lube in the last 18 months.  

OSG and Jiffy Lube, we both think we are just getting started here. This is a journey we are in together and the customer is the big winner here.
CAVII is powered by ASEMAP(TM)- The worlds most powerful behavioral analytics engine from Stanford University, exclusively from OSG. ASEMAP is a powerful trade-off engine which accurately identifies the specific behavioral triggers that predict customer engagement with amazing accuracy when the experience is personalized to their taste and choices.  We do this with highly sophisticated primary data acquisition techniques that we augment with rich secondary data from various sources.

CAVII is also powered by IBM WATSON(TM) - the world's most powerful cognitive analytics platform.   We are currently driving increasing use of IBM's growing libraries of WATSON services. We take in all kinds of secondary data sources including web sites, call center/IVR, mobile apps, social media apps like Facebook, youtube, twitter, Mystery Shopper reports, CRM systems and POS system integration to create a 360 degree view of each store one customer and one transaction at a time.

We then provide dynamic dashboards with real-time email alerts to the business leaders helping them manage their customer experience better. Good employees get rapid kudos directly from the customer and bad experiences are immediately addressed and escalated if necessary.  Customer Experience is about every single customer and every single transaction.

Giri Iyer
Jeremy Lutz, Jiffy Lube
Dr R Sukumar, CEO, OSG
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