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Get the full picture with Plotto, the online video research platform with advanced analysis and storytelling tools.

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With Plotto, respondents can tell their story in their own words via a self-recorded testimonial video. You get the whole story with all the subtleties; communicated in their own words in their own way. 

Authentic video testimonials submitted by respondents can now be easily analysed alongside the more traditional survey responses, using tools that provide insight on the person’s emotions, sentiments and choice of keywords. This next generation video research tool gives researchers greater insight, the ability to analyse huge numbers of videos simultaneously and impactful showreels for storytelling.

Plotto is the one-stop shop for creating, collecting, analysing and editing video responses:

  • Easily capture insight and testimonials: Plotto makes it easy to gather video either as a standalone solution or integrated in existing platforms

  • Enhance understanding of the words said with how they were said: Advanced tools include transcription, keyword trend analysis, sentiment analysis, facial emotion analysis and graphical data filter tools

  • Manage and analyse video at scale: Any number of video responses can be filtered and sorted to deliver greater insight at scale

  • Share and collaborate to bring stories to life: Simple collaboration and editing tools to create shareable showreels and testimonial videos

It is increasingly accepted that video is a valuable tool in the research arsenal: It offers greater depth than a written reply, is mobile-friendly and adds impact to the debrief.

But historically the capture, analysis, viewing and sharing of video assets has been challenging. We heard tales of people watching hours of footage to locate the relevant information. And because of this, video is more likely to be used as part of qualitative study or to generate a small number of vox pops in order to bring the broader study to life.

Plotto takes away with the challenges of collecting the video responses with a simple video capture mechanic that works on mobile, tablet and desktop. It makes it easy to analyse responses, find the content that matters and uncover new truths with advanced analysis tools. These tools enable users to explore the words spoken as if they were a ‘free text’ response and adds the extra context of facial expressions and sentiments.

It also makes it easy to share the findings with video and data being easy to export, in-built collaboration tools on a survey level, and storytelling tools that allow you to create showreels and vox pops in minutes.

Plotto is the most comprehensive video survey platform on the market enabling the capture, gathering, categorisation, analysis, viewing and sharing of video content.

It is equipped with a unique set of tools to enable the analysis of not only what is said, but also how it is said.

It is designed, and costed, to be an attractive solution to work on studies of any size.

It is a modern, open, flexible solution that can be used in minutes ‘off-the-peg’ but also adapted and developed based on bespoke business needs - we have a highly experienced technical team in place working on bespoke client projects and have a range of APIs for all the core functionality of Plotto that enable unique configurations and developments.

It's modernity (it is built in HTML5 and does not require any older technologies such as Flash) means that it is well positioned to develop over time. It has been designed based on tthe feedback of clients and experts in market research and we continue to build and develop based on real needs. We believe video is the future and that Plotto is on the path to realise this long-term vision.

It is easy to implement. You can have a survey live in minutes (try it yourself at http://news.plotto.com/free-trial) and the range of widgets have been designed based on client needs and make it straightforward to embed video questions in existing survey platforms or online communities.

Plotto has made it much more straightforward to gather and analyse video responses from our panel participants and has opened up new opportunities for ad testing’ (Norstat)

‘Using videos in our surveys means that we get to hear directly from our readers. It allows us to gather additional insights from their tone of voice and body language that are usually lost in responses to open ended, written survey questions. Having video output also makes our research debriefs richer and more impactful’ (Bauer Media)

Plotto can be used as a standalone video survey - with the video capture enhanced with an integrated survey tool. In this way it can be used to deliver quick video feedback, used in qualitative studies or location specific studies.

It can be embedded as a video question within another survey platform or community, and is often used to replace free text. The use of video instead of text offers greater depth of response through the spoken word and greater insight through the extra context of video.

Together with the option to ask a video question as well as gather a video response, it has been used to get feedback on TV ads from panel participants.

Our APIs can be utilised to create a more bespoke or integrated solution and this is the preference where a research agency wants to offer a fully integrated video analysis option to their clients.

Plotto makes it easy for respondents to submit video responses. It is browser-based so no app to download and works across devices, so is especially suitable for mobile where free text responses are cumbersome. Video offers an attractive alternative to many segments and is a medium that is increasingly part of their everyday lives.

Plotto is a flexible open solution that can be served to constituents in a variety of ways - as a standalone survey, as a video question embedded in an existing platform or as a fully integrated video research solution. The standard platform is an extremely easy-to-use self-service tool that enables businesses to have surveys live in minutes - we are so confident of it’s strength we offer a free trial to any registrant http://news.plotto.com/free-trial

Brands can choose to set the question in video format, enabling the impressions of ‘human-to-human’ interaction if a spokesperson is used or engagement through content if creative footage, presentation or task demonstration is shown.

Plotto is the most comprehensive video survey platform on the market and is equipped with a set of tools designed to enable businesses get greater insight into their constituents by not only deciphering what they say but also gathering deeper data by looking at how they say it. This includes:

  • Keyword analysis to pull out the themes in the words used, getting straight to the footage that matters

  • A summary of the overriding sentiment of the words, offering a simple overview of the positivity of the message

  • And to complement this greater understanding of the words used, the facial expressions are analysed to provide insight into their physical and unconscious clues. Faces are scanned every 3 seconds and a score provided against 8 emotions, building a more complete picture and identifying areas of strength or apathy.
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