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Market research is in sore need of reliable, validated and actionable neuroscience. At the same time, recent reports show that neuro is the most sought after market research approach. Since 2013 (, Neurons has established well-proven neuroscience research solutions, a solid client base of world-leading companies, a global expansion, and an emerging online platform. Now, Neurons is moving to the next phase, where our online solution is consolidated and scaled. NeuronsHub is the researchers' go-to platform for all things neuro.
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NeuronsHub meets the demands for innovation in four crucial aspects: 
1) it merges economics, psychology and neuroscience and creates a coherent language for research; 
2) it bridges the gap between academic research focus on validity, reliability and rigour, and business needs for standardisation and actionable insights; 
3) it is validated, standardised and vetted through work with many of the world's largest companies (Facebook, Google, Walmart, Lowe's, Tesco, Lowe's);
4) it makes the solutions available through a free online platform that only costs when analyses and projects are executed

What researchers get is an ecosystem of test tools that thoroughly scientifically validated, vetted and applied by business, and with clear actionable insights.
Neuroscience is a sought-after research approach that allows us to better understand consumer responses, sentiments, preferences and choices. However, which methods to choose, and how to actually move from results to insights to action are tough challenges. Neurons have years of experience in teaching and communicating to business (e.g. more than 80.000 have now taken our free Coursera course), have established research protocols with a broad base of large and small companies around the globe, and have a global distribution of our solutions, including Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America and LatAm.
Neurons Inc already works with some of the world's largest companies, who have shown interest in this solution. The NeuronsHub solution allows corporate researchers to manage their neuroscience research projects from idea to planning, execution, fieldwork and analysis.

At the same time, Neurons is scaling globally through franchising and partnership agreements, allowing local and global research companies to employ the NeuronsHub solution. Here, we are launching the NeuronsBox, which is a full turnkey solution that includes hardware and software needed to run standardised studies, have the analyses run through Neurons, and the results provided through NeuronsHub. 

Together, this provides a global network of neuroscience solutions, wherein testing locally and globally is possible through a dissemination system that rigidly follows Neurons' protocols and solutions for hardware, software and online platform.
CASE 1: a corporate researcher wants to run an ad test in the US, LatAm and Europe, and enters a bid on her NeuronsHub platform. Shortly thereafter, NeuronsHub partners provide the timeline and cost for each of the test. The researcher accepts three (Hamburg, Chicago, Monterey) of the ten offers and completes the order. At the same time, she receives a complimentary NeuroVision analysis of her ad. She can now upload the material, track the fieldwork and communicate with each station, and receive the final report following the Neurons Inc standard.

CASE 2: a research company is interested in offering neuroscience solutions to their clients, but do not know where to start (facial coding, GSR, EEG, fMRI?), but signs up for the NeuroBox solution. Upon receiving the NeuroBox, they run a few pilot tests in their lab, and receive hands on training from Neurons. During their projects, Neurons have active day to day support on the fieldwork, and reports back daily on data quality. upon receiving the analyses and report, the research company edits the PowerPoint with their own details and comments, before sending to the client. At the same time, the research company is now a part of the NeuronsHub ecosystem, in which they can also bid on global projects.

CASE 3: a major end client company is interested in building in-house neuroscience capabilities. They invest in ten NeuroBox solutions, and run studies locally for internal insight purposes. Neurons' protocols are always used, and analyses are still done with Neurons, but with such an enterprise solution also provides the opportunity for tailor made research protocols. 
NeuronsHub has three user levels/tabs: 
1) NeuroVision, a fully automatic image and video analysis tool for visual saliency and complexity; 
2) Omnibus, for highly standardised neuro testing solutions such as ad testing and website testing; and 
3) TaskForce, for mobile and ad hoc projects. Users have a separate account, and can be part of company groups for sharing projects and results. 

Each project is run by a local Neurons office or representative, and the analyses are done centrally. Project materials, agreements, daily fieldwork status updates, and final report materials are provided to the client through their dashboard.
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