Cool Accessories For Your Car

You are mistaken if you believe that installing the latest stereo player in your car will make it stand apart from the others. You are living in an era where you can find hundreds of cool gadgets for your vehicle, including the car phone holder. Some of these gadgets include the miniature dashcam, which you can discretely mount on the windshield of your vehicle. It boasts a 2" LCD screen and has a recording rate of 27.5 FPS (Frames per Second). This device stats up the moment you switch on the ignition of your vehicle and switches off when you turn off the engine.

Breath analyser

You might be wondering what is so special about a breath analyser. This accessory combines GPS, auto-locking, and breath analyser technologies that prevent anybody from starting your vehicle when impaired. If this is not enough, the device also monitors the driver's speed and location from their smartphone while they are driving the vehicle. Protect your car from theft as well as unauthorised use. The best part is that your car will not start if it does not recognise the mobile phone, thwarting the attempt of car stealers. You can also customise the device's features according to your child with the help of the accompanying smartphone app.

Car phone holder

You well know the fines you have to pay if the personnel of the law enforcement agencies finds you driving your car and speaking on your mobile phone at the same time. Why take such a risk when you can purchase special holders, designed specifically to hold your mobile phone in your car? A quick online search will provide you with details of many online stores that sell this device, which allows you to link your mobile with a Bluetooth headphone (you do not have to purchase the headphone, as the gadget ships with it).

It is not a novelty

Unlike other car accessories that are basically novelties and spruce up the looks and décor of your car, the mobile phone holder is an essential piece of equipment. You might believe that purchasing such a device is simple enough. However, be prepared for a shock when you search online for it, as there are unlimited choices available. Such a holder could be a cradle or phone case. The possibilities are endless A holder could be a phone case or cradle; the possibilities are endless, spanning from unique novelty spanning from one unique kit to the other. Make sure that you purchase a model that you can charge with your vehicle's installed cell charger.

Easy to install

Opt for a model that is easy to install. Most of these gadgets are available in either dash suction or windshield suction mounts. Some of them come with adhesive discs, which allow you to fix the mount wherever you want. Make sure that the car phone holder you wish to purchase can accommodate the width of your phone. You should also check whether these devices have swivel and tilt options for better screen visibility.